Monday, February 27, 2012

Hanging with Hadley

As promised pictures of my wild lady!  Hadley is so precious, and I am so blessed to be her momma.  Here are a few recent pics of our little BooBoo Bear in action.  Naked Chair Climbing will be coming to the 2028 Olympics : )

 "Hey Sissy, I'm coming to sit with you!"
Stuck in the middle
Practice makes perfect : )
Giving her big sister a smooch....she is such a lover!
Hugs in Valentine's Day PJ's
This picture is just too sweet not to post
This one, well this one is Hadley.  She loves big and gets mad big!  Let's just say she was ready for bed time : )

Friday, February 24, 2012


February has been a slow month for blogging for me! Since my thoughts are not even close to organized these days I will just update everyone on what this month has held for us as a family.
  • We turned in our application and have been accepted by our adoption agency, Lifeline Children's Services. Yay for progress!
  • Hadley has been ornery as ever lately!  I am planning to post an array of pictures very soon that portray her daily stunt woman acts : )
  • Hadley is also jabbering away lately.  It is so funny to hear her just go on and on!
  • Cameryn has been extra cute here lately and has really been getting into saying her prayers.  She prays for everything and everyone and it about makes me cry every time.
  • Josh went out of town for a few days for work so we are happy to have him home with us : )
  • Me and the girls went on an adventure with Erica and Sawyer to this amazing, FREE, indoor playground in Columbus, IN for the day and had a ball.  I don't have any pictures because I had enough stuff to carry, but I may just post the one Erica got of me when I had to climb to the top of this giant thing to get Cameryn down, LOL!
  • We are hoping to turn in a stack of paper work and our first agency payment next week so we can schedule our first home study meeting, so please pray for all of that.
  • My sweet nephew Will turned 2! I can't believe it but he is.  We celebrated at Chuck-e-Cheese, where a kid can be a kid, and a mom can become a psycho-path!  Just kidding, the kids had sooooo much fun and I got to eat pizza : )
  • My triplets turned 17 years old!  I am applying for my AARP card as we speak.  Where does the time go?  I can't believe that they will soon be launched out into the world.  My prayer is that God will protect them always and that they will see how much He loves them each day.
  • I, as well as Josh, have felt a bit attacked by satan lately.  It's very strange.  You know he is real because God's word says he is, but when you actually see things happen in your own life it is still shocking.  The very week we turned in our application to adopt we had some setbacks financially and emotionally.  We prayed through it and I feel the Lord really strengthened our faith in those few days.  God is so faithful.   I knew this journey would be hard, but I just didn't realize it would be hard so soon.  I'm so thankful that we serve a God that cares for us and wants us to cast our care on Him because his burden in light.
  • Our lead pastor at East Campus at Highview has been called to preach at another church so please pray for his family and our church as we seek the leader God has for us.
  • We are heading back up to Columbus tomorrow to celebrate our nephew Hayden's birthday!  We are so blessed to have so many sweet kids to watch grow up.  I love seeing Justin and Hayden interact, they have this step-dad/brother/friend kind of thing and it is wonderful.  I'm so thankful that they have eachother and we have all of them!!
  • Mom 2 Mom is back in full swing for me so I am very happy.  I love this group of women at our church and it gives me the encouragement I need to get through the week.  Looking into the Bible with a person who is a stage ahead of you in life is a major blessing.

That is all I can think of for the time being, like I said my thoughts are far from organized.  I hope you feel in the loop now : )

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Warm Day Remembered

On this particularly frigid day I felt the need to blog about a day we had a few weeks ago where the temperature was over 60 degrees and Camy got to practice riding her first big girl bike.  Great memories made in just over an hour.  Josh just got home from work, believe me he does not wear a tie when he doesn't have to, and Camy and I were taking advantage of Hadley's late nap to go out and test her new toy.  Dad is the ultimate playmate so off they went.  It was such a contented feeling to sit back with my camera and snap away as they went up and down the side walk.  I'm so thankful my girls have a daddy that adores them.  Rather than come right in and flip on the TV after a hard day, he's present in whatever is going on. Today it was nice weather and bike riding, the next day it was probably screaming and an entire bag of Cheerios dumped on the floor!  But either way, he lets me know we are in this together.

The pictures kind of progress as she got more comfortable with peddling and steering and watching where she was going.  She did take one spill when she went off the sidewalk but nothing major.  Her heart swelled with pride as we cheered her on when she was going all by herself.  It was just precious to see her.  I'm not sure what it is about riding a bike, if it's the commonality of it, that most all kids do it as children and remember it fondly, but it just seem like a right of passage.  A mile stone if you will.  People always talk about having children one day and one of the things often listed that they look forward to is teaching them to ride a bike.  Well here it is, still with training wheels, but it is one more sign our baby is growing up.  I really should stop before I start bawling.  We love you Camy Lynn and are so proud of you!!!
 Dad is getter her going
 First crash
 Getting the hang of things
 She's doing it on her own
 Shear joy!
Melts my heart

Monday, February 6, 2012

They're All Better!

After nearly a week of sickness it makes my heart so very happy to have two playful girls.  Please exuse my talking, laughing, freaking out because I'm afraid Cameryn will dump Hadley into the floor and focus on the sweet little girls : )  They had so much fun, but even after all that hard work Cameryn still did not take a nap!  She is averaging one every ten days or so and today was not day number ten.  I absolutely love that they are starting to play so well together.  I truly believe giving your children siblings is the greatest gift you could ever give them.  Enjoy my little peanuts, I sure did!