Sunday, January 13, 2013

Camy's 4th Birthday Party

Since we have been in such a transition I wasn't really sure what to do for Camy's birthday.  Thankfully, we were coming home for New Year's Eve weekend and it worked out perfectly to meet up and celebrate with a few friends.  We went to Kazoing and the kiddos played and played.  They ran around and wore themselves out and it was just a great day.  Camy got to play with Sawyer, Hallie, Silas, Bella, Presley, and of course Hadley and Will.  It was such a sweet time with all of our dear friends.  Having her birthday so close to the holidays worked out really well this year.  I think it did all of our hearts good to see everyone!
 Josh and Hadley about to go down the big slide
 Silas and Kelly's turn!
 Will at the top of the mountain!
 The birthday girl, hard at play
Boo Boo : ) 
 Best Friends!!
 Hello Kitty Cupcakes for my 4 Year Old
Beautiful Bella 

 Presley and Hadley
 Happy Girl
 Silas and Kelly
 Silly Sawyer!
 Daddy with our worn out little girl
What a sweet little man! 
 Karate chopping the obsticle course
 My pride and joy!
 Happy girl!
Mom and her sweetie

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas and New Year's Eve in Kentucky

We had a great time at my old Kentucky home over New Year's weekend.  We stayed at my dad's house so we got to spend lots of time with him, Chucky, and Will.  The kids love each other so much and it was so good for them to get to play for a few days straight.  We celebrated Christmas and Camy's birthday at my mom's house one of the nights we were home.  She made tons of food, as usual, and the kids had so much stuff we BARELY got it all back to St. Louis!  My mom is the ultimate shopper.  She picks things up as she goes and finds so many good deals.  She always made Christmas really special for us growing up and nothing has changed since she became a grandma.  Her and my dad went in together and spoiled the kiddos rotten.  For New Year's Eve everyone headed over to dad's to of course eat some more and ring in 2013. Uncle Jim stopped by for a little while so we got to catch up with him. Camy LOVES her Uncle Jim so she spent a good 15 or 20 minutes snuggled up in his lap just chit chatting away.  My mom brought crafts for the kids and fake mustaches that were supposed to be for the kids.  We had fun sticking them on and taking lots of goofy pictures.  Hadley didn't make it to midnight and Josh almost didn't make it either!  He went in to put her to bed and didn't come out!  I went in to check on him and he was snoring right along with her.  He did come out to play games and give me a smooch at midnight.  Camy and Will stayed up the whole time and probably could have stayed up later, but the old folks were ready to crash.  It was a sweet time visiting with my family and loving on my nephew.  I'm so thankful for each and every one of them!!

 The first night at my dad's the kiddos had to have a slumber party and watch the Lorax
 Christmas at Mamaw's!  More toys than any kid should have!
 Hadley being the doctor
 Best Buddies
 Dad and Chris
 Loving on Daddy
 Hadley loving on Papaw!
 The three amigos
 Mamaw making noise makers with the kids for New Year's Eve
 Too much fun with stick-on mustaches!
 Katie workin that mustache
 Camy being an Angry Bird
Josh about to pick Katie's nose

Friday, January 4, 2013

An Adoption Blessing

I have so much to blog about, Christmas, New Year's, and Camy's 4th birthday, but I have another story to tell tonight.  When we got home from Kentucky this past Tuesday and started going through the mail we got a letter from an unfamiliar address.  Inside the letter was a Christmas card featuring the cutest little baby girl, a letter, and a $100 bill.  As I started to read the letter, my children were going crazy after being in the car for four and half hours, the dog was running everywhere and Josh was unloading the car.  Everything seemed to fade as I looked at the words written to us from people we have never even met.

This precious family had gotten our names from a friend at church, as a family in the process of adopting.  In 2011 they lost three sweet babies through miscarriage.  I can't imagine the heartache and grief and questions they must have had.  During that time they found peace in knowing their babies were with the Lord and he was their "forever family".  The comfort they found in this truth led them to think about children that are orphaned on earth.  Back when they began their journey to have a family they attended some adoption classes and learned a lot about adoption and the cost associated.  As a way to remember their children's lives were here and were a blessing they decided to support three families and help give three children forever families here on earth.  God is so big, he turned 3 into 7, so this precious family blessed us AND six other families!!

This is a 100% God story.  God is sovereign and only He knows why he chose to call those babies home.  I can't pretend to understand this, but I do know they are in the very best place there is or ever will be.  However, I am sure that He has done a mighty work in this family through their losses and the gift they were able to give us (and six other families), was just the tip of the iceberg in His plan for them. To me the most amazing thing about this story is the strength He gave this family.  They lost three children in one year.  You are allowed to be depressed and grieve for these children.  No one expects you to think of others.  Your heart is broken.  But the words written in this letter are not words of crushed people, they are words of those who "Are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus."  They KNOW where their kids are.  They are so confident in their God, it made them think of other children who don't have a "forever family" and call themselves blessed.  If that is not the Holy Spirit I don't know what is.  What a testimony of faith.  What an encouragement and blessing to us.  In this time of transition for us it has been easy to get discouraged, frustrated, and anxious for what our future holds and when our child will be in our arms.  What a gift from the Lord to start January 1, 2013 with this example of faith and demonstration of His love.  We are humbled and undeserving, but oh so thankful.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013