Saturday, October 20, 2012

Big News

I know our blog has kind of been a ghost town lately, with only the occasional tumbleweed rolling through, but it has been for good reason.  Life has been crazy with a capital C.  We have been praying about Josh's future with his current employer for over a year now.  He loves where he works but wanted to advance and we just weren't sure if that was going to happen.

Let me back up a little and say that back in May he was asked to apply for a sales manager position in Omaha, NE.  Talk about knocking me backward when he comes home with that new location for our family.  I have never lived outside of Kentucky and only lived outside of the Louisville area for 3 years of college.  That is just how my family does it.  Everyone lives here. We get together for all the holidays, your cousins are your first friends and you get to see them often.  It's common for Papaw to stop by announced or not and bring goodies, help with projects around the house, or just visit.  Mamaw does everyone's hair so we have no clue what it would cost to have someone foil your entire head, wax your eyebrows, or listen to what's on your heart. That is the only way of life I've ever known and was very comfortable and happy that my kids would have the same.

So back to Omaha.  This hit me like a ton of bricks.  I knew what I as supposed to say and what my role would look like in this, but my emotions were not on board.  I cried for a solid day after I told Josh that if he felt the Lord wanted us there, then He would get us there so go ahead and apply.  Long story short, that was not where God wanted our family.  Thank you, Jesus.

Fast forward to mid September and we are presented with another opportunity.  This time it's a sales manager position in St. Louis.  Much better location, but remember all that stuff about cousins and comfort, well that is still a factor in this move.  The tears were not flowing like last time and with more confidence I said I was supportive and for Josh to apply if he felt God wanted us there.  After some waiting, Josh was officially offered the job last Wednesday.  I am so proud of this huge accomplishment and all the hard work he's put forth to get there.  I know he will be an amazing manager and leader to his team.  I also know that the Lord has called ALL of us to this.  This is my source of comfort and peace.

I have had many moments of sadness, fear, and anger so please know that I haven't dealt with all of this in the best of ways.  However, I have been digging into God's word, praying, and having great friends pray as well and I can honestly say that it is getting easier every day.  Every day I am preparing the house to show, raising the girls, cooking meals, trying to organize our life so that this transition can be as easy as possible.  I hate to think what all of that would look like without the Lord.....can you say scarey!!!   Our house went on the market late Thursday so somehow we were able to get it ready in a week; Thank you God.  Next we need someone to buy it so that we can buy another house in St. Louis.  I am tempted to worry and be anxious about this but God's word knows the truth, not my crazy emotions.  Nothing is too hard for God.  He spoke the universe into existance so how easy it will be for him to send us the perfect buyer and find us the perfect new place to call home.  This is what I know is true. I'm telling you this, because I'm telling myself this daily if not hourly!

So there you go the big news.  The Burt's are moving to St. Louis at the end of November.  Our next little girl will come home from Ethiopia to St. Louis.  Lots of Camy and Hadley's memories will be made in St. Louis.  My biggest prayer is that God will make it clear to us why we are there and use our family for His kingdom.  I pray for an easy transition and for godly friends and a good church home.  I pray for all our family and friends since this effects everyone. I pray I can always remain thankful even when this is hard because God is truly so good.