Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall is Upon Us!

This is our first Fall in Missouri so we are making new family traditions and finding some cool stuff to do! We went to Ekhart's Farm and picked apples, rode animals, few animals, rode rides, and played. We all had a great time! We even got to put our car on a ferry boat to get there! I'm happy to be making memories with our family here :)
The girls helping chop apples to make homemade applesauce from the tons of apples we picked!
This made the house smell so good!

Riding the Ferry over the Mississippi River!

Camy loves this giant squash!
My big girl picking apples
My world
Riding rides together 
Hadley riding the pony like a champ
Camy picked the camel
So pretty!
Team work
The ultimate tire swing!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

October Update

We received our October wait list number update last week and we are still holding strong at number 7! We weren't surprised by this since we (I) have been stocking our agency's facebook group for news or referrals. Right now it is considered rainy season in Ethiopia.  During this time courts are closed for roughly two months, but in the past referrals have been given during this time.  For an orphan to be referred to a waiting family their orphanage has paperwork to complete and once that is done it is given to the agency.  This process doesn't really involve the federal courts, however it does involve regional courts.  Regional courts have different schedules than the federal so they may or may not be closed, close for a shorter time, close for a longer time, it is all very confusing.  So like I said, in the past children have been referred during court closure, but it looks like that will not be happening this year.  On a positive note, court reopens this month! We are praying diligently to see our son's face this month.  I absolutely can. not. wait. to post about the day we get our referral call.  Of course I have this beautiful picture in my mind of how it will be, but realistically I will probably miss the call since my phone likes to die or go on silent all by its self or be in the middle of somewhere and go insane and start crying to strangers....Either way it's going to be great : )

And now for some info. on my already present sweethearts.  Camy and Hadley are both loving school and doing great.  Hadley started gymnastics a few weeks ago and she is amazing! I don't want to brag or anything but I see gold in her future!  Camy is finishing up the fall soccer season and loves her team.  I am slowly decorating our house and it will be completed in approximately 8 years.  At this point we will probably move again before it is finished, LOL!  I am also trying to be conscious of the time I get with the girls and focus on all I have.  I tend to be a glass half empty kind of person, my dad and I call it being a realist, so I have a tendency to focus on what I don't have; my son.  Everyday is an exercise in releasing Grayson's well-being, health, and safety to the Lord who loves him much more than I do.  Good times Y'all! But seriously, we are blessed beyond measure and it would serve us all well to remember that.  Have a great weekend, and as a true Missouri resident would say, Go Cards!!! (St. Louis, not even those dirty Louisville Cardinals!)

 Hadley being Camy's baby
 If Josh ever looks at this blog, he will be so happy I put this on here, hehehe!
 Cats fans no matter where we go
 Soccer mustaches
 Hadley fixed mommy's hair
 Rams day at school
 So cool, she has to wear shades inside
 Cameryn's daughter, Abbey Grace. In the baby carrier, in a restaurant
 Sweet sisters
 Bath baby
Pretty Girl
Rockin that hat