Friday, August 31, 2012


We got our wait list number update for September early!!! We are now 58....up 6 from last month :) a total of 12 children were matched with their forever families from our agency alone last month. God is good!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I-Phone Clean Up

I had taken over 1500 pictures/videos on my phone so I was finally forced to download all of them on the computer and clear up some space for more.  Here are some highlights of the little treasures I had on there.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First's for 2012

I have LOVED seeing all the first day of school pictures and stories from friends on Facebook and blogs (even though I may or may not have ever met the people in the blog we are "friends", ha!).  The mommas have cried, they have rejoiced, they have started home schooling it's been great. 

I didn't want to feel left out so I have to post some our firsts for this season of life.  Camy had her first day of Mother's Day out last week and she was thrilled.  She goes a full day, 7:45 to 2:45 but there is a two hour nap built into her day. Her teacher, Mrs. Carrol is very sweet and a pro at 3 year olds. Camy looked so cute for her first day and I am so glad she did so well going the whole day.  It was weird to only have one child for that long, but at least it's only one day.  You may not want to talk to me when she is gone that long 5 days a week (sniff, sniff).

Cameryn also had her first night as a Cubbie at church tonight.  Wednesday night activities are in full swing now and it is so cute to see her.  She has a book like the kids in AWANA do and has a verse to memorize every week.  She has really been looking forward to it and has been telling random people that she is going to be a Cubbie!  They look at me like, "What's a cubbie?" so I give a little explanation at the grocery store or in Wal-Mart about our big girl being a Cubbie.  Her teachers are so sweet and I know she is going to grow and learn a lot.  I'm so thankful for a church that encourages even the smallest ones to hide God's word in their hearts'.

In two weeks we will have the first day of gymnastics class!!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Girl's Day!

Josh had to go to Cincinnati for the day so we went on an adventure. We started the day by going to McDonald's for breakfast, something we NEVER do since I am rarely presentable to the general public before 10 am. The kids got a kick out of it and on our way out the sweetest lady started talking to us. She was parked right beside me and was telling me her oldest grandchild was 32 and to cherish the time. Then she gave me an entire case of diapers! It felt like a hug from the Lord. That may sound dramatic over diapers, but I know He sent that lady to us to bless our family with an expensive necessity. I was so excited!
After Hadley's nap we went to the Louisville Science Center. They had an absolute blast! We capped off our adventure by me losing the car and walking an extra 2 blocks with dark rain clouds over head. Only me! That stressed me a bit so carbs were in order. Me and my littles had a very romantic dinner at Rocky's on the river. By romantic I mean that Hadley was cover in spaghetti and kept touching the waiter's butt while he was taking the order of the table next to us! My meal came home in a to-go box :) but it was still an excellent day to remember and cherish!