Adoption Timeline

Currently- Home with our son forever!!!
December 23, 2014- Grayson's first birthday
December 21, 2014- Jordan and Grayson arrive home in St. Louis and are welcomed by Josh, sisters, family, and Friends!
December 20, 2014- Jordan and Grayson leave Ethiopia together
December 19, 2014- Grayson's visa and passport are delivered
December 18, 2014- Grayson's embassy appointment to get his visa and go home
November 18, 2014- We pass court and Grayson is officially our son!
August 7, 2013- Receive email from Lifeline that we are once again active and can receive our referral any time!
August 7, 2013- Receive email from USCIS that we have been approved
August 4, 2013- USCIS receives our amendment request
August 2, 2013- Home study update is completed and USCIS update is mailed
August 1, 2013- Wait list number 8
July 26- Home visit completed by Family Christian Services for our home study update
July 19- Re-finger printed for home study update
July 16- Found out that we cannot receive a referral until we update our home study.  We were waiting until we moved our of our rental home and into our house at the end of August.  Rushing to get update completed and USCIS paper work amended
July, 1, 2013- Wait list number 22
June 1, 2013- Wait list number 31
May 1, 2013- Wait list number 33
April 1, 2013- Wait list number 36
March 1, 2013- Wait list number 38
February 2013- Ongoing Sanders Sheet Set fundraiser going really well, raised over $1000
February 1, 2014-  Wait list number 38
January 16, 2013- Found out we got a $2,500 matching grant via Lifesong through Highview's adoption fund!!!
January 1, 2013- Wait list number 41
January 1, 2013- Received $100 donation from a complete stranger!
December 1, 2012-  Wait list number 46
November 1, 2012- Wait list number 54
October 1, 2012- Wait list number 54
September 27, 2012- Received grant from Hand in Hand!!
September 1, 2012- Wait list 58
August 1, 2012- Received first wait list number (64) and an email stating wait time is 11-12 months from the time your dossier gets to Ethiopia.  When we applie the wait was 6-9 months but we are rolling with these punches!
July 28, 2012- Amazing yard sale fundraiser at Abbey's house!
July 23, 2012- Received Fed Ex confirmation that our dossier was delivered in Ethiopia!!
July 7, 2012-  Yard sale fundraiser in Logansport.  Great success for a 106 degree day!
June 15,2012-  Dossier finally gets sent to West Sands after so issues with our paperwork....gotta love paper work right : )
May 21, 2012- Home study approved!
May 3, 2012-  Final joint interview completed for our homestudy
April 10, 2012- Completed another joint interview at Lifeline
March 30, 2012- Josh completed his individual interview with Lyndsey
March 29, 2012- I completed my individual interview with Lyndsey and we completed our 10 hours of Hague training!!!!
March 22, 2012- Turned in our autobiographies, praise the Lord! Mine was 10 pages, single spaced!
March 15, 2012- Completed Home Study home visit
March 8, 2012- Completed Home Study orientation with Lyndsey
March 6, 2012- FBI finger printing for home study background check
February 29, 2012- Turned in our contract, an agency payment, and a stack of papers to Lifeline
February 28, 2012- Closed our first fundraiser, an online 31 Party hosted by Lindsey Sizemore and raised $110!
February 24, 2012- Sold all of our I-gadgets and made over $1000 for our adoption!
February 23, 2013- Get letter from Lifeline saying we are officailly accepted
February 17, 2012- Submit our application to Lifeline
January 28, 2012- Attended Orphan Care Alliance seminar and learned so much about orphan care, and Eyes That See, a ministry that Lifeline directly supports through our agency payments
January 26, 2012- Filed our taxes and the Lord provided the funds to get the ball rolling!
January 13, 2012- Meet with Brittney at Lifeline to discuss all of our questions and what we need to do to move forward
December 2011- Attened information meeting for Lifeline Children's Services to gather information about the agency and adoption
December 2011- Attended combined campus worship at Fegenbush and that night we decided to move forward with adopting a child