Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mix Tape

I have an "Adoption Mix" on my IPhone that I just love. It makes me cry sometimes, but crying is cathartic so leave me alone. It also gives me such great encouragement in this journey for our little boy. Hearing God's promises to me, my family, and to Grayson wherever he may be, in this form is such a gift. Music is able to bring about emotion in a very unique way. I am not musical in the very least. Seriously. Tone deaf has been used as an adjective for me..... I am also not very trendy or sophisticated in my musical selections. My IPOD has songs from 3 Doors Down, Keith Urban, Stevie Wonder, Justin Beiber, and T Pain. But God's word, plus talent and passion equals good stuff. I know there is a way for me to make a playlist and put it on this blog but sadly, I am not very sophisticated when it comes to computers either so I have pasted Youtube links so you can hear some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Audio Adrenaline; Kings and Queens

Kristian Stansfill; Always

Mandi Mapes; This Love
*Could not find on Youtube, but search ITunes, it's GREAT!!!

Chris Tomlin; Whom Shall I Fear

Switchfoot; This is Home

Paul Baloche; Our God Saves

Gungor; Beautiful Things

Mumford and Sons; I Will Wait

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February Update

I am a lousy blogger!! We got our wait list number on Feb 1st and I am just now posting it....


Four precious ones were matched with their forever families :) We only moves up three spots because a family that already had a referral lost that referral so they had to go back on the list. This is no doubt difficult for them, but they had a wonderful perspective that can only be God given. The child's birth mother changed her mind so that little one will be going back home. After waiting for so long and then finally getting "the call" you would think there would be a mountain of disappointment, however the family is praising God today that a family that didn't have to be broken was not. That is Jesus my friends.

Adoption is less about "getting" a child, and much more about meeting a need that the Bible calls us to meet. I don't mean to take the humanness out of the equation, but I just mean in my heart I wish there was no need for adoption. I WANT Grayson, but it hurts my heart that his sweet life has to start with so much pain and brokenness. This is the world we live in so we have to wait and wait and champion the cause of the orphan. The most vulnerable group in the world is the most innocent. So, I will do my best to wait well and pray for the other waiting families, the children, the birth parents, the government, and anybody else God puts on my heart.

This is my jam right now and it makes me cry but in a happy/excited/sad kind of way. watch it. Listen. Trust me, it's good. I don't know this family but it was the best version of this song going so enjoy. I'm not saying it will make you want to adopt a child, but if it does you can thank me later :)