Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our New Addition

What could we possibly need? A puppy of course.....note my sarcasm. So much has been going on I have not gotten to blog it all but in a vulnerable moment I decides I NEEDED this furry little ball of love and only her tiny nose could make me feel good again. So meet Tinker Bell. She is a Shorkie, half Yorkie half Shih tzu. I know I'm insane for getting a puppy while I raise a one and three year old and adopt another child, I know. But she is precious and when she snuggles up she does make me feel good. I know only Jesus can really make me feel better, but he gave us His word His truth, and the Holy Spirit, and puppies right?!?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hadley's First Birthday Party!!

 The beautifl cake by Sabtabulous Cakes!

 Daddy and baby
 Mommy and baby
 Pinterest inspired party favors
 Big girls, doing big girl stuff!
 Future Best friends : )
 Homemade smash cake
 The queen on her throne opening gifts
 Naked and ready for cake!
 "Come here little bird"
 This is when we find out she's allergic to pink food coloring!
It completely freaked me out and made me feel so guilty for not thinking about allergies.  Very thankful for Benedryl!
Rosie cheeks from the frosting, but still very happy in her new ride : )