Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hey Ma, Look What I Can Do!

A bit late, but no less important, I wanted to document what my sweet one year old is doing at this point in her life. It's amazing to see how quickly they grow in a year and for me at least, each birthday is bitter sweet. I love being able to do more with her and communicate better, but I do swoon over every tiny newborn I see and wish for her to be that small again. Those precious moments you can never get back were so difficult at times, but that all fades away and you're left with the memories of gazing into her eyes in the middle of the night, or giving her tiny body a bath in the baby tub on the sink. Oh my sweet Hadley, I hope you will grow to know how much I treasure and love you. It has been a wonderful year and I can't picture our family without you!

Now here is a list of the things I could think of at this moment;
  • She is walking very well, and first started walking at 11 months
  • She can clap
  • She can wave and blow kisses
  • She loves to plant a big kiss right on you at any given moment
  • She has the most sparkley, perfect, toothless smile
  • She says, "momma", "dadda", "duh" (dog), "die" (bye)
  • She LOVES to climb on any and everything. Her favorite thing is climbing up on Cameryn's toddler bed.
  • She can climb up the steps on our slide, sit down, and slide to the bottom all by herself
  • Her favorite foods are; cheerios, mashed potatos, yogurt, muffins, crackers, pasta with marinara sauce or cheese, toast, and in general most anythign that we are eating.
  • She does not like very many fruits, eggs, or babyfood
  • She walks up to you and hugs your legs so tight, it melts your heart
  • She is wearing size 12 months clothes and a size 3 shoe......her feet are so tiny! (she did not get this from me!)
  • She has had an ear infection for awhile so we have not had her check up yet to see her height and weight
  • Her favorite perch is right on my hip and she spends quite a bit of time there
  • She loves shoes and wants to put on any pair she finds
  • She has mastered our mini power wheels toy and can ride around the basement
  • She has wild, culy hair that is so thick and pretty
  • She definitely has a temper and will tell you, "na na na!" if you does not want to do something
  • She takes two naps a day and goes to be around 8 each night and is up around 6:30 every morning.....I am hoping that she will soon know the joys of sleeping later : )
  • Overall she is a happy, loving baby and I am so thankful to be her momma.

Birthday party pics are coming soon!!!