Monday, July 30, 2012

Will Break for Yard Sales

This past Saturday we had a huge yard sale to fundraise for our adoption, and it was a huge success!!  The sale was at my friend Abbey's house.  She, very generously, offered to host it there since we don't live in a very populated place.  We had been collecting donations for awhile and our house was overflowing!  We ended up renting a truck to get it all over there, and thank goodness we did.  Friday night we went over to start getting things set up for the next day when all of a sudden the skies opened up and it started pouring down rain.  We ended up putting most of the stuff back on the truck for the night and just planned on getting there really early the next day.  I was so anxious I ended up waking up at 2:30 in the morning and just staying up for the entire day.  Josh got up around 4:30 and we headed over to Abbey's.  I don't know what we would have done without our friends and family helping us, and we are so thankful for them!!! Everything got set up in the morning and the sale began.

Thank you to all of the people who donated items, money, and their time!
Nana Deb for watching the girls
Memaw for helping us prepare and all day on Saturday
Abbey and Bruce Pierce
Mamaw and Papaw Foerster
Erica Petersen
Kim Anderson
Christian Foerster
Debbie Shull
Evelyn Howard
Brian and Debbie Goul
Nate McCann
Scott and Kory Demoss
Josh and Kelly Johnson
Sarah Elliot
Lesley Stroup
Sarah Beth Vandyke
Rick and Ashley Mead

James and Cheryl Mitchell

Happy Birthday to Me : )

Last week was so crazy busy, but in the midst of it all Momma turned 28!  These are just a few pics we took before going to Cracker Barrel for birthday dinner (I, of course, got breakfast for dinner).  Then we went to Lifeway to browse for a birthday gift.  As you can tell the pictures are of my true gifts! But for memories sake I must say that Hadley shoplifted a teddy bear from Lifeway! Her first crime....funny there is no place to document this in her baby book. We noticed when we were buckling her into her carseat so it was easy to return. You really have to watch that girl! Ha!

 Self Timer at it's finest
 Mom and her chicks

 This was supposed to be just me and Josh, but a little ham made it's way in!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Woot Woot!

We received our Fed Ex confirmation that our dossier has been delivered to Ethiopia!!!  After a month of just waiting for it to get there, I am one happy girl.  We got the confirmation the day before my birthday so of course, I figured it was just an early birthday gift from God  :)  We danced around with joy and prayed to the Lord, thanking him for letting our precious paperwork arrive safely.  To end our little party we all went to one of my favorite places, Qdoba and harmed some non-Ethiopian, but very good Mexican food.  We will see what number we are on the wait list when the email comes out on Aug. 1 so please pray for that and for all the other families anxiously awaiting referrals for their precious children.  

We are still here!

We are having a huge yard sale to fundraise for our adoption so I have been a little busy! The Lord has provided so many wonderful things for us to sell through the sweet hearts of so many people. I am overwhelmed by their kindness!
So between sorting, pricing, and working out the logistics of it all the blog is a bit neglected. I will update the latest happenings soon! But until then....
HUGE Yard Sale
July 28
5511 Sterling Drive (Abbey's house)
Lou: KY 40216

Baby, kids, men's, and women's clothes.
Baby equipment
Antique chairs
And much more!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Logansport Fundraiser

This past weekend we had a garage sale to fundraise for our adoption in Josh's hometown.  His mom and dad worked so hard getting everything ready and collecting donations before we even got there, it was fantastic.  We arrived Friday and just put the finishing touches on everything for Saturday.  People dontated toys, clothes, you name it!  Sadly it was 106 degrees but we still had a pretty good turn out.  If it wouldn't have been so stinkin' hot I know we would have sold more because we had some great stuff!  But don't you worry, I made my husband cram most of it back into our van to bring back to home for our next yard sale fundraiser  : )  We were so amazed at the people who showed up to buy things and the many who just donated money to bring our sweet baby girl home.  God is so good and He lets you see his love and kindness in people through things like this.  Thank you so much to my in-laws, people who donated items, and people who purchased!  Every little bit helps get us one step closer.  God Bless you all!

 The neigbor's dog came in a grabbed a stuffed animal, LOL!  The sweet neighbor kindly paid a dollar for it : )

 Hadley eating the cookies that were for sale
 Inside cooling off, way to hot for little ones as the day moved on
 Our lovely shoppers

Team Burt hard at work!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July!

 Silly Hadley
4th of July staple 
My pretty big girl! 
Ladies pic! 
 Camy got a bullet at the army display
 In the back of the army truck
 Dancing in the AC
 My world : )
 Aunt Kim and Will

With the 4th of July being on a Wednesday it was a little different but we had a wonderful family day.  We started the day with pancakes and bacon since Josh was home with us.  Plus, I thought this would be the perfect meal to eat before putting on my swim suite to go to the pool! Yeah, right!  I hadn't planned on going to the pool, but that's what we did.  The girls had so much fun going from the big pool to the baby and back again.  It was great for me too because we got to do it as a family of four, and who doesn't love the pool.  I loved watching Josh play with the girls in the water.  It was also nice to have another adult around because the pool does stress me out a bit since the kiddos are still so small.  We had lunch at the pool and then headed home for nap time since we had a big night ahead of us.
We went to our first, "Bullitt Blast", the annual fireworks show in Shepherdsville.  Kim and Will met us there so we could check out the sights together.  The high for day was 106 degrees so even at 7:00 it was sweltering.  The kids got to go inside of a fire truck and check out the Army tanks and trucks.  To get some relief from the heat we went in for our 25 cent ice cream cone.  It was so nice to get everyone a treat for under $2!  While we ate it there was live music and the kids absolutely LOVED it!  All three of them were running around and dancing, it was too cute.  Finally we went out to the lawn and spread out our blankets to watch the fireworks.  With the first loud "BOOM", Hadley was over it.  She is so brave, but loud noises scare her pretty bad.  On top of that Will started running a low grade fever from teething and Cameryn was only half watching the fireworks!  My vision of a perfect family 4th was going down.  We decided to just leave. Yip, right in the middle of the show we packed up and left.  It sounds weird, but it just wasn't worth it. We did miss the traffic : )  Maybe next year it won't be over 100 degrees and the kids will be older.   Overall, it was a great day to celebrate America with my precious family!