Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy, Happy, Happy

We are some big Duck Dynasty fans around here so I am very glad to call this post, "Happy, Happy, Happy" for more than one reason.  The biggest news is that our home study update has been completed and our USCIS paperwork has been approved.  Our precious social worker completed the home study last Friday.  Me and the girls raced over to pick it up before they closed.  We had to wake Hadley up from her nap, but hey, we all have made sacrifices at this point! ha! From the agency's office we went straight to Fed-Ex and our lovely little packet arrived at the USCIS office this past Monday.  I emailed them on Tuesday and again on Wednesday just "checking the status" of our paper work.  I was overjoyed to see an email from them on Wednesday afternoon saying we had been approved!  Of course this email was immediately forwarded to Lesley (our agency director) just in case she were to get the file of our precious son any time soon. I am so thankful that the Lord allowed us to grow during this set back and showed us His power by getting everything corrected in record time.  He is so good in it all!

In other happy news, we got our August update number and we are number.......

I am not 100% sure of this, but based on the families that are on hold and the last infant boy referral this means we could be the next family to receive our referral, which means we are "Happy, Happy, Happy"!  Our agency has partnered with two new orphanages so there were many children matched with their forever families last month, hence our huge move forward on the wait list.  God redeems brokenness and heals and one of his tools for this is adoption. I always, seriously always, feel sadness when I get excited for new families getting to see their child/children for the first time via a referral.  I don't like rejoicing in the fact that an orphan was made so now a family can be complete.  But the truth of the matter is that in a sinful broken world there are orphans. Since I can't change that fact, I have to rejoice when I see a family stepping out in faith to make one less. A child that has experienced trauma and loss now has a family to walk along side of them on the road to healing.  That is God. That is His love shining in the darkness of loss.  Redeeming the brokenness and giving new life.  Congrats to all the Lifeline and West Sands families that got to see their sweet ones for the first time this month!!  Praying for quick court and embassy appointments for you all : )