Thursday, December 3, 2015

Advent 2015

I can't believe December is here!!!  I always struggle with things at the first of each month because I don't look ahead on my calendar until it's time to flip it over.  If your birthday is on the first or I have a meeting, appointment, or basically anything scheduled there is a chance I'll miss it or at least be late! LOL!

So Advent.  The waiting for our Savior's birth.  I try to make time to be still and not let the hustle and bustle steal my joy.  I love If:Equip emails that get sent to my phone every morning.   I try to be intentional with my kids and focus on the giver and not the gifts.  I put effort into reigning myself in when I start getting wound a little too tight over not making every single second of every single day in December a magical winter wonderland.  All of this takes a lot of work!

I am not a hater of Pinterest.  I am not a hater of seeing what everyone else is doing this month on Facebook or Instagram.  This is where most (ok, all) of my crafty, fun inspiration comes from.  But during Christmas time, I know myself.  I want to do ALL the things. Then my focus becomes buying supplies, setting things up to look perfect, making fancy food, staying up into the wee hours putting glitter on stuff, apologizing to my husband for all the glitter, etc.  Then when something doesn't go well, gets broken, causes a huge argument, or just doesn't get the reaction I was hoping for I'm disappointed.

Insert solution.  Simplification. Here is what we're doing for advent.  It's a paper chain count down to Christmas with simple activities.  I didn't think of them.  I just printed, cut, and taped.  Eating sweets, spending time together, thinking of others, and having fun are all included so for me that's a win.  We have no special bible reading plan.  We're just reading through the bible we use for school.  Is it lazy? Perhaps.  Will all the activities be a hit? Certainly not.  But, it's given me some freedom from my self imposed chains of being "that mom".  I know moms like to talk about how we're not striving for "that mom" status anymore, but in my heart of hearts I still struggle with this.  Even in the age of #keepingitreal and #sorrynotsorry.  We only get so many years with our kids, and so many Christmases so when I think of that the pressure mounts.  With that truth in mind, I am praying for the peace and security to keep it simple. I don't want to waste my days being a crazy psychopath fighting people in Wal-mart for the last can of glitter spray.

If advent and family fun are in your wheel house go for it!  I know every mom doesn't lose her Christmas spirit while planning awesome things for their kids. Some people are organized and look ahead in their calendars!  I'm proud of you and you inspire me. I'm just not wired that way and being okay with that takes some effort.

Maybe with the race to make my kids have a great Christmas season under control I can focus on what really matters.  CHRIST came for US!  He dwelt among the ones who hung him on the cross.  Let that sink in.  His love is just too much.  What are your advent plans?  Does your family have a solid tradition you do every year or do you wing it as you go?  Tell me and I promise not to copy it and try and force it upon my family!

Merry Christmas!!!

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